Cleanings and Dental Hygiene in Flagstaff, AZ

Cleanings and Dental Hygiene in Flagstaff, AZ

Dental hygiene involves keeping the mouth clean and free of disease and is considered the best method of preventing dental complications such as cavities, gingivitis, and periodontitis. More and more studies are showing that clean teeth and gums also contribute to overall health.

To maintain the proper health of the teeth and mouth, dental hygiene is very important. Healthy teeth have less plaque and tartar accumulations and fewer cavities. 

Effective  oral hygiene comprises both your daily, personal homecare habits in combination with professional care. 

Why Are Teeth Cleanings important?

Though you may be following the best oral hygiene routine at home, it does not guarantee that your mouth is completely free of germs and tartar. The effects of home brushing, flossing and rinsing of your mouth are necessary but can be limited. These at-home methods cannot achieve the same results as a trained dental hygienist.  

A routine dental cleaning includes performing a scaling procedure on the teeth to remove any plaque and tartar from the teeth that brushes and floss cannot reach or cannot remove effectively.   The scaling process entails using ultrasonic and hand scalers to ensure proper cleaning. Then dental polishing is performed to remove remaining plaque and stains on the teeth.  

During the cleaning procedure, you will be given home care instructions on protecting your teeth from infection and gum disease. Periodontitis and gingivitis can be prevented by regular dental checkups, good oral hygiene, and healthy eating habits. 

Benefits Of Professional Cleaning

A good professional cleaning will help to get rid of plaque from your teeth and reduce the risk of cavities and tooth loss. The plaque and cavities come hand-in-hand. If left untreated, plaque accumulation will become the home to bacteria that release acids which cause dental cavities and gum disease.  Dental cleanings will help to reduce or even remove staining on your teeth. A good cleaning will make your teeth look brighter and sometimes even whiter.

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