Hallberg Family Dentistry Patient Testimonials 



















































Belated thanks for agreeing to see (our daughter) on such short notice. We are pleased to have her in such capable hands in Flagstaff.

Mark and Jennifer S

Thank you for the great care you have given me in my recent dental work. For several years I encountered some very uncaring dentists and am so happy I reached your office. I felt safe and cared for and I love my new smile. Thanks a million.


Thank you for taking care of my emergency so quickly and efficiently. I will be able to eat my favorite snack the first night, ice cream cone covered in nuts and chocolate in a sugar cone!! I could not have been more pleased with the results. Thank you again Dr. and your staff


Thank you all for the dental work for Michael. He lived on Mt. Dew and now he knows the result. By the way, I call it Mt. Don’t. Michael is quite happy with his teeth.

Michael’s Grandmother

Thanks so much for all the toothbrushes. We were able to put together 200 hygiene kits with your help.


I told you I would stop by and say goodbye before leaving Flagstaff but as usual things began to unravel very quickly and the next thing we knew we were loaded and headed down the highway. I want to thank you and Terri for all the help you have provided us over the many years you have cared for us. I certainly appreciate that help and care. We will be back in Flag sometime in the future years and will surely stop in for a “Hello”.

Thank you again.